Get Organized: Resources & Services

Free E-Downloads

Document Description Price
40-Day Spending Tracker (PDF) Track your spending over 40 days to see where your money is going, and begin making better financial decisions. FREE
40-Day Spending Tracker (Excel)  Use this one if you like working in Excel.  Includes formulas to automatically calculate totals.  FREE
Self-Care Through the 7 Chakras: A Meditative Guide This is a guided tour from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra. You can learn the different physical and psychological illnesses associated with each, and how to heal them.  FREE
 To-Do/Not-To-Do List Sometimes we need to list what it is we need to STOP doing.  Since nature abhors a vacuum, we also need to replace that action with something more productive.  Change bad habits into good ones with this To-Do/Not-To-Do List.  FREE
Organize My Accounts Use this workbook to organize all of your business and personal accounts and passwords so that you no longer waste time and energy trying to remember/resetting passwords and usernames.  FREE
Working Hard or Hardly Working: A Career Audit Figure out where you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there by completing this Career Audit Questionnaire and Guide. FREE


Service Description Price
Self-Care for the Superwoman: A Mini Course for a Major Upgrade [insert description here]  $10
Master Organizing Kit – E-Download [insert description here]  $100
Master Organizing Monthly Care Package [insert description here]  $75/month or Pre-pay for 14 months @ $900



Service Description Price
90-minute Consultation [insert description here]  $100
Virtual Consultation [insert description here]  $85
Online Portfolio Creation Coming Soon TBA
20-hour Organizing Package $1200
40-hour Organizing Package $2500
Business Forms & Template Creation [insert description here]  per project