Get Organized: Resources & Services

Free E-Downloads

Document Description Price
40-Day Spending Tracker (PDF) Track your spending over 40 days to see where your money is going, and begin making better financial decisions. FREE
40-Day Spending Tracker (Excel)  Use this one if you like working in Excel.  Includes formulas to automatically calculate totals.  FREE
Self-Care Through the 7 Chakras: A Meditative Guide This is a guided tour from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra. You can learn the different physical and psychological illnesses associated with each, and how to heal them.  FREE
 To-Do/Not-To-Do List Sometimes we need to make a list of things to STOP doing.  Since nature abhors a vacuum, we also need to replace that action with something more productive.  Change bad habits into good ones with this To-Do/Not-To-Do List.  FREE
Organize My Accounts Use this workbook to organize all of your business and personal accounts and passwords so that you no longer waste time and energy trying to remember/resetting passwords and usernames.  FREE
Working Hard or Hardly Working: A Career Audit Figure out where you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there by completing this Career Audit Questionnaire and Guide. FREE


Service Description Price
Self-Care for the Superwoman: A Mini Course for a Major Upgrade Following somebody else’s self-care routine defeats the purpose of a SELF-care routine.  Create a routine that works for you. Create successful habits. Create peace of mind.  Enroll for $10 
Master Organizing Kit – E-Download [insert description here]  $100
Master Organizing Monthly Care Package [coming soon]  $75/month or Pre-pay for 14 months @ $900


Home Organization

Assessment Fee

This 90-minute in-person consultation is scheduled 1-2 weeks from your payment date, and the fee is non-refundable. During this Assessment Visit, we will walk through the space to gather all the necessary information to develop your Organizing Plan. At the end of the visit, we can schedule your first organizing session. *Note: If you purchase a 20-hour or 40-hour organizing package at the end of the Visit, then this Assessment Fee will be refunded to you. xo, Brittany



Virtual Assessment Visit

20-hour package

40-hour package

Service Description Price
Virtual Consultation [insert description here]  $85
Online Portfolio Creation Coming Soon TBA
20-hour Organizing Package $1200
40-hour Organizing Package $2500
Business Forms & Template Creation [insert description here]  per project