Using the Self-Care Framework

80% of success is showing up.

So, you’ve downloaded the free worksheet on the #SelfCareFramework (if not, Click Here) which has

1) Raised your awareness of the 10 Pillars of Self-Care that you need to focus on consistently;

2) Outlined the 5 relationships within yourself and the 5 relationships between you and your environment; and

3) Given you a simple process to set a Self-Care routine that sticks.

Wanna see the #SelfCareFramework in action?

I’ve put together a small course that will cover

  • Incorporating the Self-Care Framework in Your Daily Life
  • Goal-setting
  • Planning/Scheduling Your Self Care
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • …and more!

Enroll in the Self-Care Mini Course Today for JUST $1

(no recurring charges… seriously!)