Meet Brittany

Brittany is a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant in Memphis, TN, where she spends most of her time organizing, planning, creating, teaching, and learning.

“I like it when things make sense — and I like to help things make sense to other people.”

While teaching math, she began  helping local small businesses create processes, develop back-end systems, and create an online presence for their brands — just for fun.

It wasn’t until the death of her mother — and the ensuing purging and reorganizing of a lifetime of “stuff” — that she jumped headfirst into organizing professionally.

Brittany organizes your home, office, business, digital files within the Self-Care Framework, a set of tools and resources to help her clients live their best lives all around.  This Framework was created after having survived the seemingly impossible and unforgivable, and was created with the intent to teach women everywhere that focusing on self-care is not selfish, but the key to a thriving lifestyle consciousness.

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