[Days 11-13] – Mother’s Day Mimosas and ‘Choclit’

May 11th – May 13th

Smoothie Recipe:

  • 2 handfuls Kale
  • 2 cups mixed berries
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • Agave syrup, to taste

This smoothie is quite terrible.  Do not recreate.

Smoothie Timeline:

  • Smoothie 1 – 8a
  • Smoothie 2 – 12p
  • Smoothie 3 – 3p
  • Smoothie 4 – 11p


This Mother’s Day Weekend was great.  I mean, really, it was.  I was hydrated. My period finally came and I haven’t had any cramps for 3 days.   Work has slowed down, so my feet and legs aren’t sore when I come home.  It’s been all around good.

Cuppa Tea

I’ve slowly been buying food and ingredients for a more alkaline/electric diet and I get back to more solid foods.

For breakfast, I’ve had oatmeal and smoothies, with cups of either a Berry Detox Tea or Ginger Yerba Mate Tea.


I’m eyeing this recipe book from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen, because there are a bunch of “normal” foods — like pizza and omelets — made from healthier ingredients.

Veggie burger cookin…

And pizza is important.  I love pizza.  Stuffed crust, thin crust, cheese, veggie, Hawaiian… *sigh* Pizza is great, and the thought of not eating pizza again causes me great anxiety.  So if I can make a veggie pizza without the enriched flour (sub: spelt flour), then I will be a happy pizza-eating mama.

How was Mother’s Day for you?

Mine was spent trying to re-hydrate after a night of mimosas (with vodka). Worth it.

Waking up to handwritten notes and cards from my 6 y/o made it so shweet.


What else? Oh, this weekend, one of my sisters graduated from Howard University!  Another HU Alum in the family 🙂 super extra proud of her.



Where to Find Stuff

The recipes I’m using are a modified version from this book: The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. (This is an affiliate link, which means you click, you buy, I get a couple dollas.)

I replaced some of the greens and fruits with some that are on the approved Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide, which you can download here..

You can also follow me on social media where I might be doing stuff that may or may not be interesting. But I’m documenting so that in August (my birthday month), I can look back and see what kind of growth took place.

Follow me on Instagram @organizedbybrittany,


Screenshot & scan my Snapcode 🙂


If you want to join me, email me and let me know. Leave your progress in the comments, because I’ll be writing about every day. Let’s have a conversation!

With grace & gratitude,



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