[Day 10] – Let’s Do it Again…


May 10th – Day 10

Today’s Recipe:

  • 1 handful Kale
  • 2 cups mixed berries
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Banana
  • Agave syrup, to taste

Smoothie Timeline:

  • Smoothie 1 – 9am — Same one leftover from yesterday.
  • Smoothie 2 – 3p — This one came from Smoothie King.  It was a Gladiator with Chocolate Protein, strawberry, and kiwi.

Metrics: (11pm, after I already ate a sweet potato and a veggie burger)

  • Weight – 128lbs
  • Bust – 34in
  • Waist – 29in
  • Hips – 39in
  • Fluid Intake – 1/2 gallon water, 2 cups tea, 1 cup coffee


A lot of people try to say PMS isn’t a real thing and to some extent, I can agree.  But I am also definitely aware of my physical and emotional changes as my hormones go in flux.

Does it impede my decision-making skills?  No.  Does it make me want to slap the living shit ou– not anymore than usual…

I don’t lose self-control and self-discipline during pre-menstrual times.  Maybe the look on my face defaults more to “Resting Bitch,” but that’s about it.

Once the bloodgates open, though, my husband says I become, like, the sweetest person ever so, nah. 😛

Talking about my period has everything to do with this detox/diet change thing I’m doing because there’s an effect on duration, abdominal pain, and blood loss that correlates with my diet.

If, during PMS, I eat all the sweets and fried foods I used to crave, especially without drinking enough water, then my period is longer, bloodier, and more painful.

However, when I’ve maintained my diet and doubled down on fruits, veggies, water, and exercise during PMS, then the exact opposite happens.

In either case, my cycle still follows the moon cycles and I use the menstruation/New Moon period to cleanse and purify, to help my kidneys a bit by eating more blueberries, and drinking a shit-ton more water.

Where to Find Stuff

The recipes I’m using are a modified version from this book: The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. (This is an affiliate link, which means you click, you buy, I get a couple dollas.)

I replaced some of the greens and fruits with some that are on the approved Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide, which you can download here..

You can also follow me on social media where I might be doing stuff that may or may not be interesting. But I’m documenting so that in August (my birthday month), I can look back and see what kind of growth took place.

Follow me on Instagram @organizedbybrittany,


Screenshot & scan my Snapcode 🙂


If you want to join me, email me and let me know. Leave your progress in the comments, because I’ll be writing about every day. Let’s have a conversation!

With grace & gratitude,



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