How to Organize Your Bills, Free Download – Financial Self-Care


It’s almost embarrassing the amount of late fees I used to incur because I paid a credit card bill an hour or 2 after it’s deadline.  Not because I didn’t have the money on time, but because I forgot it was due. *Kanye shrug*

And tbh, I was probably subconsciously avoiding it because sitting down to pay bills can be such a long, drawn out, painful process with forgotten passwords and whatnot.

Or how about racking up on overdraft fees because of those bills on AutoPay that I didn’t know were about to come out? Sheesh.

When you know better, you do better.

Fast forward, and here we are – equipped with the Self-Care Framework to keep me on my A-game.  My Financial Self-Care days are Wednesdays, and this is when I sit down for weekly bill-paying, budgeting, and all-things-finances.

If you want to get your bill-paying more organized and less painful, then set aside one hour this week to complete the following activity.

3 Steps to Organize Your Bill Paying

Step 1:

Make a list of all bills, due dates, and minimum payments (or average, depending on the type of account).  You may need to look over your bank statements and see what and how much you’ve paid for the last 3 months.

This includes subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, meal delivery services, etc.) and other regular expenses (oil changes, tire rotations, hair & nail appointments, etc.).

Step 2:

Write them on this Bill Payment Schedule worksheet, and fill in the remaining information.

Step 3:

Determine one day each week to pay all upcoming bills over the next seven (7) days.  If a bill is due quarterly, then you can divide the payment by 3 to calculate its monthly payment.

If you’d like to pay on it weekly, then divide the monthly payment by 4, and write this payment in each section of the Bill Payments Worksheet.

Tip: Following some solid advice from Robert Kiyosaki, pay yourself first.  Include your personal payments to yourself on these weekly payouts.

Free Download

bill payments worksheet.png

Download the Bill Payments Worksheet


Organize Your Life

My students in the Organize My Life Masterclass already have this worksheet, along with the Organize My Finances WorkBook and other tools to fortify not just their Financial Self-Care, but their total Self-Care practice.

If you wanna join them, then you can enroll here.

Thoughts?  If you’ve tried it, how’s it working for you? Let me know in the comments.

With Grace & Gratitude,



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