How to Organize Your Underwear Drawer

9-degree weather, followed by 66-degree rainy weather, followed by 12-degree winter weather. Cue #Snowpocalypse2018 in Memphis, TN, when the entire city shuts down after 2 inches of snow.

Snow Angels

So what did I do? I had a snowball fight with my 5-year-old, organized my underwear drawer, and played “How Many Episodes Until My Wine Glass is Empty?”

cc: Sex and the City: Season 2.

If you got new socks for Christmas like I did, maybe it inspired you to clean out your chest of drawers. Maybe it made you rethink gift-giving at Christmastime.

Or maybe you didn’t get new socks, but you got tired of opening the drawer, only to find your intimates falling out of and behind the drawer, a bra hook got caught on a pair of stockings and now they’re ruined, all of which makes you really consider going commando for that day.

Whatever the case, here’s my journey through organizing my underwear drawer:


Step 1: Take everything out

and enjoy the empty space. I started reading a new Feng Shui book, and it’s really teaching me how to enjoy s p a c e.


Step 2: Group everything into piles

Throw away any undergarments you haven’t worn in over 1 month. I say 1 month because…period panties.

Step 3: Organize the remaining undies

using whatever system is best for you. For me, I organize by color and fit. All black together, all Calvin Klein together (they feel so great on my bum), all Target high-waist together (for bloated days). Anything else, TRASH.

Step 4: Roll the undies (as opposed to folding) and put them in the drawer organizers.

I used 4 total, and I got them from Dollar Tree.With the space I saved from throwing away the unused pairs, I had room to organize the 2 peripheral drawers, using 1 for “regular” bras, and the other for sports bras.

This is a simple yet powerful step in organizing your room, and organizing your life.

Just opening the drawer after a shower and seeing neatly organized undies – no digging, scooting, dropping things – will put you in such a euphoric state of mind and fill you with so much peace. I challenge you to try it this weekend.

Go to The Container Store, Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond or wherever and buy some drawer organizers.  Here’s a set of good ones from Amazon.

Drawer Organizers: Set of 4

Start with only the intimates, as not to overwhelm yourself with the other drawers.

The journey to getting organized is long, tedious, rough, and sometimes emotional.  But oh-so-worth it.

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