Monday Morning Mantras

Start your day with 15 seconds of directed focus on your happiest thought.  Do not allow any other thoughts to interrupt your meditation.  Ready?
















Take a deep breath.  Let’s begin.

This week, we focus on Bravery.

How many times a day are you faced with self-doubt?  How often must you be reminded to check your resume for all of your accomplishments and obstacles you’ve overcome?

The fear that holds you back and keeps you from pushing yourself to the next level is actually a primal instinct in your brain whose goal is to keep you safe, by keeping you within the familiar.

The next level is unknown, it’s dangerous, and can be downright scary.

But your free trial of January 2018 is over.  It’s time to pay up, and put in the work.  follow your dreams

Be Brave.

Been putting off going to the gym because you’re scared of how you might look, or you don’t know how to use the machines? Nobody cares.

Scared of starting that business because you think you’ll fail? You might, but nobody cares.  Fail hard.  Fail so hard that you like it enough to try it again.

Or are you scared of success?

Whatever the fear, starting this week, just go for it.

This Week’s Mantras

-I am ready for whatever today brings.

-I am a warrior, not a worrier.

-Today, I take action.

-I am fearless.

-I possess all the strength I need.

Write these on a sticky note and put them on your desk or computer monitor at work, in your car, on the bathroom mirror, on your headboard in your bedroom, put it in the kitchen, near the light switch — I don’t care.

Put them some place you’ll always see them and consciously repeat them to yourself.  Your words are powerful, so speak what you want into the universe.

I am Fearless Wallpaper Pack

I’ve made some wallpapers for your phone and computer desktop for you to have when you’re on-the-go.  You can download the free Wallpaper Pack here for FREE.

Answer this question:

If you knew without a doubt that you would not fail, what would you do?

Skydive? Open a food truck? Have kids and be a great mom? Be a better employee? Write a book?  Tell me!


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