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Self-Care is the Best Care

You know that feeling when you’re driving down the street and realize: all your bills are paid, your nails are done, your kids are happy, the house is clean, you’re rockin’ it at work, and while everything may not be perfect, you’re happy?

Do you wake up to that feeling now?

Or is that feeling a distant memory?

If you fantasize about being in that place (again), then keep reading.

I’ve been where you are — that dark place, that sunken place, where it seemed like no light would ever return.

I was stuck in bed, yet simultaneously spiraling out of control. Every heartbreak imaginable happened to me over the course of 1 month and I was ready to end it all.

But I have a daughter to live for, and it was her sole existence that was preserving mine.

So I put on my Big Girl Panties and did what I do best: I started organizing. Any and everything, just to keep me busy and out of bed.

As a result, I realized three things:

Self-care is more than Netflix, wine, and mud masks.

Getting organized is the key to Self-Care.

Self-Care is the key to happiness.

This year, I’ve decided to put everything I learned into a simple #SelfCareFramework that you can use right now to create and organize your own Self-Care Practice.

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Using the Self-Care Framework

80% of success is showing up.

So, you’ve downloaded the free worksheet on the #SelfCareFramework (if not, Click Here) which has

1) Raised your awareness of the 10 Pillars of Self-Care that you need to focus on consistently;

2) Outlined the 5 relationships within yourself and the 5 relationships between you and your environment; and

3) Given you a simple process to set a Self-Care routine that sticks.

Wanna see the #SelfCareFramework in action?

I’ve put together a small course that will cover

  • Incorporating the Self-Care Framework in Your Daily Life
  • Goal-setting
  • Planning/Scheduling Your Self Care
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • …and more!

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Organize My Life: The Masterclass

The secret of your success is hidden in your routine.

Professional Organizers, Productivity Consultants, Time Management Experts, Self-Care Coach — whatever the title — we all have one goal: to take you from hot mess to hot stuff, from vanquished to victorious, from chaos to order.

I don’t fix lives, because I don’t believe your life or your beautiful spirit is broken.

Rather, I help you see through the cloudy, disorganized muck that is your current situation in order to get you to where it is you want to be.

The Organize My Life Masterclass is a self-guided online intensive that does what it says: helps you organize your life using the #SelfCareFramework.

Featuring case studies, videos, worksheets, recommended reading, exercises, and more, The Organize My Life Masterclass is designed for the woman who’s ready to get her life back under control.

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If it’s not easy, it’s too hard.

Organizing your life is a set of simple processes, but requires a burning desire to do it, and the discipline to stick to the plan.

I’m showing up for you, but in order for it to work for you, you gotta meet me halfway.

The life you want — the sunshine, the peace of mind, that feeling of pure happiness — is waiting on you.

Are you ready for it?

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Here, you’ll find organizing tips for the home, for your business, and for your life.

Organizing Services

Do you live in the Memphis area and need your closet organized? Moving to a new place and need help (un)packing?  Does your small business need systems or forms to help things flow? Schedule your free 10-minute consultation.

Business Organization

Business Services

  • Office Space Planning
  • Filing Systems
  • Paper Management
  • Efficiency Systems


Digital Services

  • Online Portfolio Creation
  • Desktop File Management
  • Google Suite File Organization
  • File Synchronization Across Devices


Residential Services

  • Morning/Evening Routines
  • Closets, Attics, Garages, Basements, Laundry Rooms, Home Office, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Libraries, Entertainment Rooms


Meet Your Teacher

Brittany is currently a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant in Memphis, Tennessee.

A former math teacher, self-employed artist and business owner, she has combined her love of organizing and educating with her passion for seeing women excel and thrive.

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